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"As a small business B2B telemarketing company, we have searched for and while legitimate leads. I have found GoLeads to be the best and have directed all of my business associates to your site. The price is right and the leads are good. So if you'r e looking for great leads, go to goleads.com. You won't be disappointed."
Peter Weiss,President
"I've spent tons of time and money over the years getting sales leads. A lot of it has come from Omaha. I can tell you honestly that I have never had a better relationship for sales leads than I have with GoLeads. I want to tell you how good I think you are, and express my regard that it is no irony that you and Mr. Buffet find yourselves based in the same place."
"By far the best lead source I have ever used. I have been in sales and marketing for over 10 years and always paid a pretty penny from other sales lead sources. Now with GoLeads, I can get what I want, when I want, at a savings."
Sean Dooley, V.P. Marketing
"Ordering leads has always been a difficult and time consuming process for us and our franchisees. With the Leads Portal we were able to lower our costs, save time and keep track of our ordering history. The customer service has been excellent. GoLeads is one of my favorite vendors!"
Will Greene, Business Development Director
"You guys are the greatest. Have told all our associates about you. We have mailed over 35,000 pieces to lists from your website and been pleased with the low return as 'undeliverable' rate. Thank you for the greatest bargain on the internet !!!"
Peter Klingenberg
"I have to say that I am more than impressed with the ease of use of the website, the quality of the data, and the price is unbelievable for what we get. I have already referred goleads.com to several of our MyPostageRateSaver software customers who are in need of a viable lead generation service. "
John Finn, Senior Manager, Direct Sales & Support
"GoLeads is super! Ive had to download two reports already for specific target markets in two different states. Instead of spending over $200 for two different zip code maps, I was able to simply type in City, State with GoLeads and ZOOM! Instantly complete contact information on great leads was available for download. My company downloads Excel reports to immediately sync with an Access database here. GoLeads is GREAT for the small business budget. Hopefully more companies will take notice and make information databases more accessible to small businesses in the future. Thank you, GoLeads, for a wonderful service! "
Marie Martin, CEO
"The customizable criteria of Go Leads helped us to focus on our target market and realize the most potential from the dollars spent. The affordable cost of your service - compared to other lead generation sites allowed us to employ dedicated telemarketers, instead of tying up our loan officers who were already busy working their own lead sources and closing loans."
"We have purchased large quantities of leads from all the big companies, and have paid a pretty penny for them. GoLeads gave us more leads for our territories than anyone has ever provided and did it at less than half the cost per lead. My appointment setters have exactly what they need to set solid appointments for my sales agents and that is priceless for me. My account executive was very professional and helpful, understood the business and his competition. But more importantly, he was not pushy and let me decide what I wanted."
"What an excellent service you are providing us. We had zero return mailers in March and we were just informed by our fulfillment company that our mailing list for April cleared their CASS Certification with zero rejects. As a small company, this is very important to our marketing efforts. We understand that CASS eliminates the duplicates, and incomplete addresses. However, that does not guarantee we will still not see some returns ...BUT WHAT A VERY BIG IMPROVEMENT over our February and January mailings!"
Thanks so much for the outstanding service,
I've used many lead companies in the past that claim to deliver up to date and accurate lists but always fall short of their promises, www.goleads.com is the exception. By far www.goleads.com has delivered the most accurate leads I have ever used. Everyone we speak to has matched the criteria we wanted 100% and the wrong numbers and disconnects are almost non existent. From now on www.goleads.com is our lead source.
Gary Manning